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Robin Arzón is a two-time New York Times bestselling author of Shut Up And Run and Strong Mama. She’s also VP of fitness programming and head instructor at Peloton. She believes that sweat can transform one’s life and her story is living proof of that.

In this episode of Motivational Mondays, she shares how she transitioned from attorney to fitness star.

How to begin your own wellness journey

Robin says, “Break it down into nibbles of hustle.” What can you do for five minutes a day, every day, for one week? It can be a short walk, yoga, or a Peloton class. Start with one thing and lead with curiosity rather than judgment. Do the thing you know you can do and then establish consistency.

Robin emphasizes that consistent action creates momentum, which creates motivation. Once you’ve built a consistent routine, you build on it. If you over complicate things too soon, you’ll set yourself up for failure. Focus on building keystone habits. Once you build them, they prop up other areas in your life.

The inspiration behind Robin’s books

Shut Up And Run is part training manual, part memoir, and part coffee-table book. It includes everything from a training plan for a 5k to a 50-mile marathon. It’s a manifesto to ease the often overwhelming entry into running while simultaneously helping every reader feel like they belong. 

Robin’s second book, Strong Mama, chronicles her active journey through her pregnancy. It’s about how she thought through self care. How was she going to prioritize movement during and after her pregnancy? Robin emphasizes that she’s a better partner and mother because she prioritizes her physical and mental health.

Her upcoming book, Strong Baby, is set to release on February 21. It was written to encourage parents to move with their children. Robin seeks to tap into the growing community of active parents seeking to build healthy lives for themselves and their family.

Robin’s transition from attorney to fitness star

Robin was working 80-hour weeks as a corporate litigator in New York City. She thought she’d landed her dream job but she’d count down the minutes until she could move. She lived for running so she spent two years hatching a plan to monetize her love for fitness.

She documented her journey on Twitter, Instagram, and a blog where she found an entire subculture of runners. Two weeks before the London Olympics, she quit her job and moved to the UK. After working with an agency for six months, she realized that she felt more fulfilled writing about her own experiences.

So, she quit her agency job and did a life audit. She looked at how she was feeling physically, spiritually, and financially. She started coaching runners and was writing her first book when Peloton came into the picture. She sent them a cold email and said, “We should be working together.” She’s now the VP of fitness programming and head instructor at Peloton.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

[0:36] The inspiration behind Robin’s bestselling books
[3:13] Her second bestseller, Strong Mama
[4:51] Why the act of movement is critical for wellness
[7:18] How to begin your own wellness journey
[12:45] Establishing a healthy movement mindset in your kids
[14:37] How Robin’s diabetes diagnosis changed her outlook
[18:02] Robin’s transition from attorney to fitness star
[24:17] How fear is a powerful motivator

Listen to the bonus episode to learn how to silence voices of doubt in your head and why Robin was determined to define her own finish line.