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Persistence with Low-Income Students

Increasing low-income student retention has always been a challenge. Reports have shown that students from low-income households are SEVEN times less likely to obtain a bachelor’s degree than higher income families.

Finding a Solution

Student Life and Leadership Coordinator at St. Petersburg College (SPC) Stephanie Henningsen decided to start a chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) to bring leadership development directly to her students.

As a result, she increased SPC’s low-income student retention by 37 percent, achieving an overall retention rate of 92 percent. Watch the full story in our recent webinar, Persistence with Low-Income Students:

This webinar also explores how the NSLS empowers low-income students to:

  • Set long-term goals and collaborate with others on creating plans to achieve them
  • Share their struggles with a community of like-minded students
  • Develop essential skills, such as communication, collaboration, and critical thinking

Ready to bring the NSLS to your school? Learn how to start a chapter.


Guest Speaker:

Stephanie Henningsen

Stephanie Henningsen
Student Life and Leadership Coordinator, St. Petersburg College






Hannah Stoneburner-NSLS

Hannah Stoneburner
Regional Director of Program Development at the National Society of Leadership and Success