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NSLS Webinar | AI and How to Prepare Students for Careers that Don't Exist | With Kate O'Neill and Dr. Vaughn Calhoun | Watch the Recording
Gated Content Leadership Education Webinar

A report from Dell Technologies suggests that 85 percent of jobs by 2030 do not currently exist. AI will unquestionably cause a paradigm shift in the...

NSLS Webinar: Helping Students Bridge the Gap Between College and Career
Gated Content Leadership Education Webinar

Are graduates ready to enter the competitive job market? If not, what are we as leaders doing about it?

Gated Content Leadership Education Webinar

Every chapter leader wants to ensure their induction ceremony is memorable and engaging. After all, soon-to-be inducted NSLS members put in the work...

NSLS Webinar: Exploring Student Engagement in Hybrid, Remote, and In-Person Environments
Gated Content Leadership Education Webinar

Engaging students across modalities can be difficult, especially since students and higher ed leaders differ on how to return to the classroom...

NSLS Webinar: Lessons in Self-Advocacy with Daniel Pink
Gated Content Leadership Education Webinar

Empowerment begins with learning how to be a self-advocate who speaks up and takes action. Self-advocacy can lead to the betterment of those around...

NSLS Webinar: Teach the Importance of Soft Skills - Watch the Recording
Gated Content Leadership Education Webinar Student Success

Technical skills teach students how to perform a job. Soft skills teach them how to have a career. As technology advances and workplaces evolve, it’s...

Reduce Stress by Becoming a Self-Advocate Webinar with Dr. Rebecca Heiss
Gated Content Webinar Student Success

Stress is a significant factor in student retention and engagement rates. In a recent study, 95 percent of administrators said mental health is a top...

NSLS Webinar: 5 Reasons Why Higher Ed Professionals Struggle with Virtual Student Engagement
Gated Content Webinar Student Engagement Virtual Learning

Engaging students in hybrid environments is still a challenge for many administrators, mainly because virtual events can feel impersonal and...

The Importance of Leadership Development Webinar featuring Dr. Bruce H. Jackson presented by the NSLS
Gated Content Leadership Education Webinar Student Success

Not all leadership development programs are created equally. So, what should you look for or how can you construct your own?

NSLS Webinar: Persistence with Low Income Students
Gated Content Webinar Student Retention

Increasing low-income student retention has always been a challenge. Reports have shown that students from low-income households are SEVEN times less...