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Are graduates ready to enter the competitive job market? If not, what are we as leaders doing about it?

In our latest webinar, we sit down with experts to discuss the skills gap leaving recent graduates behind. With 53 percent of graduates unemployed or working in a job that doesn't require a bachelor's degree, we need to level-set on what the purpose of college is, how to deliver the goods to students, and ways to truly set up graduates for career success.


In the video, our panelists speak on:

  • The soft, or human, skills gap hurting graduates as they enter the workforce.

  • Methods administrators, faculty, and staff can use to bridge this gap.

  • Ways to leverage online learning for a well-rounded college experience.

Providing great student experiences is at the heart of NSLS programming. Learn how we've connected with students across modalities at over 700 campuses and how easy it is to bring a chapter to your school.

Guest Speakers:

Allison JeglaAllison Jegla
Author and Global Director of Impact, 100 Women in Finance

Allison Jegla is a nonprofit leader and higher education strategist. She co-authored Becoming Great Universities: Small Steps for Sustained Excellence, published by Princeton University Press in 2022. Her current professional role focuses on demystifying careers in finance for young women who may not otherwise pursue roles in the field. She holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania (BA) and Harvard University (EdM).


Dr. Kevin Lovelace Headshot - 400x400

Dr. Kevin Lovelace
Faculty in Management and Organizational Behavior, California State University, Sacramento

Dr. Kevin Lovelace is a lecturer in the College of Business (Management & Organizations). Dr. Lovelace completed his Doctorate at the University of San Francisco in 2015, holds an MBA in management, and an MA in education leadership with a concentration in online education. Dr. Lovelace teaches business communication and organizational behavior courses at the undergrad, grad, and honors level.


Corey Andrew Powell Headshot - 400x400Corey Andrew Powell
Content Marketing Manager and Podcast Host

Corey Andrew Powell is a copywriter, content producer, and podcast host. Having earned his bachelor's degree in media arts at New Jersey City University, Corey's work experience includes art direction, video production, video editing, music writing, and producing on-air promos for top national brands. He's also a published pop culture journalist and Grammy voting member of the Recording Academy of Music. Corey utilizes his love of thoughtful conversation as the current host of the popular NSLS podcast, "Motivational Mondays."