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The Ultimate Guide to Improving Virtual Student Engagement

As community colleges across the country have been forced to transition to virtual learning and events, higher education professionals struggle to find ways to connect students to the school. While this is a familiar challenge, it has become even more pronounced with fewer opportunities for students to build relationships with faculty, administrators, and peers.

To offset this, student services professionals are racing to engage students with virtual events. However, due to a lack of promotion, resources, and interactivity, these events often fall short of student expectations.

Discover how to create virtual events that teach students new skills and provide an opportunity to connect with peers. Download The Ultimate Guide to Improving Virtual Student Engagement.

Download the ebook

In this eBook, we share key data around:

  1. The New Virtual Environment: how higher education was headed to more virtual learning and events before the pandemic and what that means for the future.
  2. 5 Reasons Why Community Colleges Struggle with Virtual Events: it was hard enough delivering quality events on campus. We’ll share why it’s even harder to create engaging virtual events.
  3. 5 Elements of Engaging Virtual Events: to keep your students engaged and connected to your school, you need to combine different elements during events to keep students from all their other responsibilities and distractions.

Students are looking for ways to meet others and to make new friends. While it may be more difficult now, creating engaging events provides the perfect opportunity to provide them that platform.

Download The Ultimate Guide to Improving Virtual Student Engagement to learn how engaging virtual events can help:

  1. Increase student retention
  2. Improve student success
  3. Boost student engagement

Download the ebook