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Designing Your Dream Life


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Dreaming of the day you can put in your two weeks notice and start off on your own venture? If you want support in taking your professional future and freedom into your own hands, Amy Porterfield is someone you want to know. CEO of a multimillion-dollar business and author of “Two Weeks Notice,” Porterfield has made it her mission to empower people to seek professional autonomy and success and to break through the glass ceiling. Her practical, actionable advice helps aspiring business owners overcome overwhelm and build a successful business based on their strengths and purpose.


Porterfield followed a corporate path for a while, finding success in the 9-to-5. As she listened to some of the male business owners around her, though, she started hearing about the freedom that can be so elusive for many of us. These entrepreneurial colleagues enjoyed the freedom to work where and how they wanted, make the money they needed, and express their creativity.

From that moment, Porterfield decided she wanted that freedom,too. She started her own business and quickly found that her passion lay in teaching people how to achieve the same freedom. “I believe that everyone deserves to make their money and create their freedom on their terms. So that’s what my mission is in life.”


One of the strongest tools for embarking on a new venture is knowing your "why." This is something Porterfield emphasizes to her clients: “[t]he importance of understanding why you want it, why you wanna do it, what's in it for you and for those in your life.”

Finding your why is essential because this is what keeps you going when the going gets tough. “There are going to be roadblocks and obstacles, and you have to make sure that when you are knocked down, your why is strong enough to pick you back up and send you back out,” Porterfield shares.

Many people think their why needs to be selfless, but Porterfield believes that your why can actually be selfish. Often it “tends to expand and be greater and altruistic later, but in the beginning, it’s okay if it’s just about you, because it’s just that spark to get you going,” she says. A “why” can range from not wanting a 9-to-5 job to being your own boss or taking more vacations, as long as it’s truthful to you.


Another issue that's front and center for Porterfield is diversity. As a younger woman fighting against misogyny in the workplace, Porterfield often found herself the only woman on panels and thinking, “Well, at least I’m the one woman here. At least I got on the panel.” It was progress, “but not good enough,” she reflects.

Now, as Porterfield focuses on helping others, she's started taking action when there's a noticeable lack of diversity, particularly when it comes to opportunities for women of color. When she's invited to a panel now, she asks who else has been invited, and she will not join the panel unless it is diverse.

"This is me doing what I should be doing because now I have influence, I have a voice. When you're not given a chance, you don't get to grow your audience. You don't get to make the money that other people are making because you're not getting out in front of the right audiences to know how brilliant you are,” she says. Porterfield makes it part of her mission to showcase people who don’t normally have a platform to be seen and heard, giving them the opportunities they need to build their audience and client base. It’s been part of her journey to become part of the solution rather than the problem by helping a wider range of people who want the same freedom as those with more opportunities.

If you’re looking to claim your freedom and start your own business, Porterfield is an excellent resource and inspiration for following your dreams! And for even more entrepreneurial inspiration, check out “Becoming a Fearless Entrepreneur (Feat. Paige Dungan)”.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

[1:00] The corporate inspiration behind Porterfield’s decision to become her own boss
[3:56] Knowing your "why"
[6:42] Porterfield’s journey away from needing a man to validate her success
[9:23] The lack of opportunity for women of color in business
[13:53] How to silence self-limiting beliefs
[17:00] Porterfield’s hilarious business card mishap
[24:10] Defining what freedom means to you

Listen to the bonus episode to learn about confronting scarcity mentality and why Porterfield instituted 4-day work weeks.



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