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Gen Z Entrepreneurs Lead Positive Change


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Milan Kordestani is a three-time business founder, brand builder, writer, and CEO of Audo. As a social architect, he’s built companies that provide active solutions for the future of learning and earning, promoting civil discourse, and supporting independent artists.

In this episode of Motivational Mondays, Milan shares how Gen Z entrepreneurs are making positive changes for our future.

How a Turtle Sparked Milan’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Milan was given a pet turtle when he was 13. He spent hours learning how to take care of it on YouTube, which also led him down some weird rabbit holes.

He came across content creators who were trying to source the rarest turtles and fish. That’s how he learned about albino turtles. He bred and sold turtles until he went to high school, making almost five figures a year. That’s where his entrepreneurial journey began.

Milan’s Current Venture

Milan says to think of your consumption on streaming sites. You’re being fed content that makes you want to stay on the platform. Milan wants Audo to perform similarly but to help you earn money.

They’ve partnered with course platforms to create an adaptive learning experience. Audo’s AI is designed to help you choose the right courses to take to match you with the best opportunities available to you, based on the goals you input.

You’ll get assessed on your personality, past work experience, soft and hard skills, etc. The platform is designed to prepare you for small gigs (Etsy, Upwork, etc.) and eventually lead to long-term job opportunities.

Pushing Back Against Gen Z Stereotypes

There’s a mistaken belief that Gen Z wants to “burn everything down.” The reality is that they want to build things up for future leaders in a changing world. There’s a fear that established systems are being put into question by a generation that might not know enough to question it.

Milan believes that Gen Z will become successful because they recognize the world that exists today is far different than before. They’re serious about optimizing their time so they spend their life doing something they’re passionate about. It’s not just about the money but about quality of life.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

[1:25] How a pet sparked Milan’s entrepreneurial journey
[5:13] Milan’s current venture, Audo
[7:51] Why a gap year can be beneficial for students
[12:00] How Nota is impacting civil discourse
[18:46] Gen Z stereotypes

Listen to the bonus episode to learn why Milan is focused on AI technology and how he wants to use it for positive change.