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Interview Skills That Can Help You Get Hired

Since 2008, 70 percent of new jobs were in occupations that require a college degree, and having a diploma continues to set grads up for higher earnings, increased job security, easier access to quality healthcare, and higher life satisfaction. But before all that, you need to ace the interview.

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) recently hosted a Well-Rounded Student webinar on How to Stand Out to Hiring Managers and we're breaking down some key takeaways to help you during the interview process.


Below, you'll get a glimpse into dealing with pre-interview jitters, how to tell your story with purpose, the importance of nonverbal communication, and if following the money is always worth it. Plus, we provide a quick reminder on punctuality and get into the art of the thank you note. 

In a competitive job market, hiring managers look for ways to cut down the applicant pool. At the same time, you want to stay true to yourself, know and trust your story, and do the little things correctly. By being prepared, you'll feel more confident walking through the door or joining a video call for your next interview.

To sum up—make sure you’re prepared by adding some more wisdom into your arsenal to become a more well-rounded student. 

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For a more in-depth look into how to prepare for your next interview, watch the video with Recruitment Specialist Allie Randall and Content Marketing Manager Corey Andrew Powell.