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Leadership Library Selection: Greenlights

Most of us know Matthew McConaughey from his iconic film performances—from his classic rom-coms to his grittier roles—during what became known as "The McConaissance."

But the Academy Award-winning actor's story goes beyond the silver screen. He uses his voice to bring awareness to key issues and to lift others up. 

The Uvalde, Texas native most recently gave an impassioned plea at The White House following the Uvalde school shooting, urging lawmakers to act and implement a plan to save lives in the future. Instead of staying situated in the comfort of Hollywood, McConaughey has always done the opposite, and has even flirted with the idea of running for office himself. 

In Greenlights, you get the full picture of a man in motion; an actor but also a passionate leader dedicated to lending his voice wherever it's needed most. He's laid out a blueprint and a philosophy to inspire anyone to achieve their goals while having fun along the way.


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The Art of Livin’ Life to the Fullest

Greenlights packs the full range of human emotions between its covers. The former Speaker Broadcast guest delivers a fascinating scrapbook of advice, memories, failures, wins, and musings that teach the reader to keep moving forward no matter what. 

"Greenlights mean go," he writes, "Advance, carry on, continue…  Catching greenlights is about skill: intent, context, consideration, endurance, anticipation, resilience, speed, and discipline."

He reinforces our belief that great leadership is reliant on first having the intent to lead, and the inner strength to carry on and pivot no matter the obstacle. It's how you face down a challenge, own up to mistakes, and be "less impressed" with your successes and "more involved" with life, as he writes. 

Once you find the joy in the process and see the approach as the destination, success will come. Just don't get too comfortable. He sees finish lines as lines that never end because there's always another goal to chase. 

Join the actor, businessman, and activist across America to the far reaches of Australia and beyond. See the obstacles he faced throughout his life and learn the tenets he formed along the way that took him to the top while staying true to his authentic self

Key Takeaways: Greenlights

In his book, McConaughey writes about: 

  • Embracing failure and forgiving yourself as a way to limit stress.
  • Celebrating the wins while never getting too comfortable.
  • Disconnecting to create deeper connections with others and yourself.
  • Disowning the word "unbelievable" from your vocabulary.
  • Turning down a $14.5 million offer for a two-month shoot.
  • The reasoning behind spelling livin without the “g.”
  • The origin of the term “McConaissance.”
  • Bringing outlaw logic to create positive change.

Get Matthew McConaughey's Greenlights and bring a level of zen to your leadership journey.