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What to Expect as an NSLS Member: Accredited Leadership Courses, Renowned Speakers, Professional Development, and Beyond
NSLS Leadership Development NSLS Blog

With the cut-throat workforce landscape, students nationwide are looking for opportunities to get ahead of the competition. Leadership honor societies

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internship
Career Success NSLS Blog

By Allie Randall

One of the most critical parts of your college career is the internship. Depending on your major, an internship may even be required...

Influential Women Who Have Made Positive Changes
Leadership Development Make a Better World NSLS Blog

Women's plight for equality in America has been rife with challenges long before the suffrage movement of the 1920s. At the National Society of...

Why is diversity in leadership important? The NSLS explores diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Leadership Development Make a Better World NSLS Blog

Diversity is something that organizations should not only celebrate but it should also be a critical part of their infrastructure. Many organizations...

Celebrating the Most Influential African American Leaders
Leadership Development Make a Better World NSLS Blog

Being a leader isn’t always easy. It often requires you to overcome adversity, face challenges head-on, and fight for what’s right. In celebration of...

4 Leadership Development Goals to Set This Year
Leadership Development NSLS Blog

The start of the new year is the perfect time to pause and reflect on what you want most in life. Whether you’re currently in a leadership role or...

How to list a club or honor society on your resume
NSLS Career Success NSLS Blog

Resumes are a critical part of the application process and whether you’re creating one from scratch or updating an old resume, you likely have many...

What Makes a Leadership Program?
Leadership Education NSLS Leadership Development NSLS Blog

Many universities offer a variety of leadership programs, clubs, and honor societies to get students involved. Whether you’re looking to find a sense...